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KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva 40
Festival 7.−9. oktober
Razstava 7.−23. oktober
Odpiralni čas razstave
tor. − sob.: 16.00 do 20.00
What Happened To Love

Đejmi Hadrović (SI): What happened to love?

— installation, 2015

Production: KIBLA 2015

The new media installation Chastity belt – What happened to love? plays with the concept of love in 2015. We are witnessing today’s narcissist society, which is increasingly using digital social networks to such an extent that relationships are shaped in a completely distanced form. Love has become a commodity that is triggered by interest only, and it lasts only as long as the sweetness is present.

Đejmi Hadrović (1988) is a child of transition, a transmedia artist who deals with topics such as transgender, transsexuality, transition from communism to capitalism, transition from traditionalism to liberalism, transition from war to peace, transition from Bijelo Dugme to turbofolk, transition from Yugoslavia to Slovenia, transition from Balkan to EU.