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Abaz Dizdarevic

Abaz Dizdarević (ME): BW 4821

— video installation, 2015

The context of this work considers migrations of people from the Balkans, especially from Bijelo Polje, Montenegro, from which 4821 citizens have moved to Braunschweig, Germany, since the beginning of 2015. Comparing the population number of Bijelo Polje, which was 46.051 in 2011 and around 57.000 in 1991, we can see that there are constant migrations from this region. Regarding the 20-year period we can conclude that the population decreased by 19 %. Last year was dramatically different from the past 20 years and migrations increased by more than 10 % for the first nine months of the year. Poverty, social standards, hunger and disappointment are the main reasons set out by the migrants. Buses full of my neighbors are leaving every weekend towards a new life adventure.

I have noticed their sorrow, disappointment, nostalgia, but also their resignation, equanimity and a strong will to leave. A reflection of this emotional, affecting moment can be seen in their eyes, and they become a strong medium of communication. Using photos and video material, this installation observes people’s feelings by observing the look in their eyes. In this way, visual communication addresses us directly, without any need for additional explanation. Deepest human feelings can be detected by observing the organ of sight, so the idea of the work was to express the importance of this primarily human “speaking” method.

Abaz Dizdarević (b. 1978, Bijelo Polje, Montenegro) has been working since 2012 as director of the public institute “Ratković’s Nights of Poetry”, vice-president of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro and member of the Association of Visual Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sandžak Association of Artists. Since 2001, he has exhibited on solo exhibitions in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey, and participated in numerous group exhibitions, colonies and art symposiums. He obtained his BA and MA degrees from the Department of painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Montenegro. For several years, he has also worked as editor of the art program at the Center of Culture, Bijelo Polje.