krokodil riba
KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva 40
Festival 7.−9. oktober
Razstava 7.−23. oktober
Odpiralni čas razstave
tor. − sob.: 16.00 do 20.00


– Thursday, October 8 at 21.30

L A D Y B I R D O R I U M live


Music: LadyBird (vocal, beatbox, flute, piccolo, wood pipe, synth, looper)
Idea, design and editing of the film: LadyBird
Recording of the film and performance production: Črton
Video manipulation and light design: Barbato
Sound design: Danijel Bauman
Costume design: Activator

Length: 42 min

»The question is not what but how« is the guiding idea of a vocalist, flautist, composer and performer LadyBird, who doesn’t set boundaries to her creative field using genres or other existing norms, she sets them only by herself and pursues what sounds pleasant to her ears. In terms of composition, she is interested in experiments and tries to convert her musical knowledge and her idea of music, both stemming from her life and musicology studies, into a peculiar musical expression. As a vocalist, she is interested in providing authentic and primal expressions of her
experience of the world through different timbres and sounds, and through playing with syllables and texts. A while ago she also took up video making. She has been collaborating for almost a decade with Neven Korda (Barbato), intermedia artist, and Črt Lipovšek (Črton), producer, in various roles. LADYBIRDORIUM live: Dreams is their latest project, a result of a long-term creative growth and a search for expressive solutions.
During a 42-minute movie, filmed with an iPhone, LadyBird records vocals and instruments on a loop recorder, while these sounds occasionally mingle with recordings of speeches by influential people and film music. Exploring
and accepting diverse worlds of music and art in general are connected with her belief, and after all, both processes are also reflected in the contents of this performance. LadyBird states: »Birds are everywhere«.

Clip, clap. Clip, clap.
Hurry, time is running out. But someone has to save the world.
The world, where supposedly everything happens for a reason.
*Stop resisting, you rebel without a cause!*
I only mean good. Only good.
*Don’t think too much. You can get a headache from it.*
*Rather start realizing your dreams.*
*You know that we pave the way ourselves. By ourselves.*
But … this is the worst thing that can happen …
*Where did you get this idea from? Are you confused?*
Teacher, which bird has the most beautiful song in the world?

»[Even] If I am mistaken, I am.« – Augustine of Hippo

What would happen if only one word is put before the widely accepted truths: »maybe«? Would the system, that is raising us into obedient and controllable beings, dissipate as quickly as dreams scatter? Would there be total chaos or would complete tolerance reign?

LadyBird in her first authorial performance sets herself in the role of the heroine, who wants to find the answers to these questions. The journey, which combines vocal and instrumental music, speech recordings of influential people, contemporary dance, visual manipulation and film, at first appears as a process of her own liberation and afterwards as the mission of »Saving the world«.

LADYBIRDORIUM is a place in the universe … a place of creativity and experimentation … a place of freedom … It exists where I exist.

PROMO VIDEO (live clips):