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KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva 40
Festival 7.−9. oktober
Razstava 7.−23. oktober
Odpiralni čas razstave
tor. − sob.: 16.00 do 20.00
MIMODEK_image high resolution_KIBLIX _2015

Marie Polakova (CZ), Jonathan Cremieux (FI): Mimodek

…interactive – evolving and changing living system…

– interactive installation, 2010

MIMODEK is a dynamic and interactive installation, based on the principles of the living world. As all living systems in nature, MIMODEK reflects its own environment. It is site specific, formed by unique, location-related data sources, and by behavior of the visitors. Every installation evolves into a unique virtual “ecosystem” reflecting its location. MIMODEK highlights the delicate relation between human beings and their environment, and their connection to other living beings with whom they share this environment.


… I perceive art as a great way of finding answers to various questions that interest me. Many of them, I believe, are “universal” questions which concern every human being. More than being a just method of research, art is a way of communication, which makes it possible to share these “answers” with other people. Art allows me to combine knowledge of different disciplines, as well as my intuitive and emotional approach…

Marie Polakova is an artist with special interest in collaborative projects, where different disciplines of knowledge can intersect with intuitive perception and various art approaches. She currently resides in Linz (Austria) aboard the Eleonore Ship and travels around in order to explore the realm of art and culture on ships, rivers & seas. She likes boats very much, but that does not collide with her passionate interest in complex systems of nature. She has exhibited and performed in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Spain, Croatia, France, Romania, Germany and Italy.

Jonathan Cremieux (b. 1983) – his work exists at the intersection of art, design and technology. He studied Computer Science in France and Scotland and New Media Design at the MediaLab Helsinki. His main medium is software, a digital dough that can manipulate otherwise abstract data and make it tangible in an infinite number of forms. An all encompassing curiosity drives him to explore diverse terrains, which has led to varied and unexpected projects and collaborations in France, Finland and Spain around subjects such as pop culture (White Glove Tracking Project: On Fire!, 2008), city planning  (Connexity, 2010) or virtual biology (Mimodek, ongoing since 2010). He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.