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Andrej Koruza (SI): Collisions

— Installation / mosaic, 2015

The installation – mosaic Collisions by Andrej Koruza ponders the relations within the social system. It focuses on the inability to communicate, on the conflict, on the noise that prevents mutual understanding. Fostering hatred, unsupportiveness and disrespect for variety in our society, generates a climate of fear in the context of which some people in positions of power are building up their support. The media battles for higher ratings and profit encourage such a climate, running the society into a state of distrust, which in turn hinders coexistence and prevents conflicts from being resolved. The installation Impacts attempts to explore this dynamic through the medium of mosaic, where individual elements not only move around, but also create physical touches, i. e. collisions, which generate sounds. The viewer thus faces a scene of chaos, even though he is looking at a perfectly understandable and “manageable” canvas filled with table tennis balls. The balls (individual persons) could peacefully coexist inside the community, without any disruptions, but because of the external factors, they are forced to interact, yet it is precisely because of these external factors (speakers, motors) that the interaction grows out of control.

The installation – mosaic consists of two canvases (black lycra, 110 cm x 110 cm) with a hundred table tennis balls stringed onto them with threads; the balls’ movement represents the dynamic of the treated relations, while their motion and impacts (also) generate sound. Both canvases are equipped with motors which cause them to move by means of axes and levers. The sound of the balls’ impacts is played through the speakers.

Production: KIBLA 2015

Andrej Koruza (b. Koper, Slovenia, 1982) attended the Mosaic School of Friuli (2004-­2007) and recieved a grant for the best final mosaic. After various mosaic projects he started research of the basic elements in mosaic, culminating in the series Tessera e Fuga (exhibited at Luvina Library, Bogota, Colombia, 2009). Since 2010 he leads the production and workshop in the group of designers, architects and craftsmen G­R­U­P­A. With their project The Shop he participated at the Biennial of Industrial Design BIO22 (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and realized the projects Gostilna dela (2011) and Gajbla (2012). In that year he began a series of mosaic installations studying the relations between the System, Technology and Society. The first in the series is Signals From the Limit, which was a featured work of the festival RavennaMosaico 2013 and presented at Sonica Festival (Slovenia), Izis Festival 2013 and finalist exhibition at Arte Laguna Prize 2014 at the Arsenale in Venice. Koruza also exhibited at Oddstream Multimedia Festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands (2014), Eccentrico musivo, group exhibition at Museo d’arte di Ravenna, Ravenna, Italy (2014), Altrememorie, Albero, Tarvisio, Italy (2014) and at Invisible cities, Multimedia festival, Gorizia, Italy (2015). He is also leading TOKTOK, a design and furniture production workshop.