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KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva 40
Festival 7.−9. oktober
Razstava 7.−23. oktober
Odpiralni čas razstave
tor. − sob.: 16.00 do 20.00
Wear VI, foto Robert Ograjenšek

Tomaž Furlan (SI): The Wear Project

— retrospective

Wear VI, photo by Robert Ograjenšek

The video is only a part of The Wear Project. It is a kind of analytical reflection on the simple use of interactive pieces. The pieces, or better yet sculptures, proved to be extended functions of the body in some forced process. In the Wear Project the videos are used as scene props in the form of clothes for the simple function of doing something. The name Wear comes from this, which suggests that these pieces are actually clothes, but they are also functional objects made for a certain production or ritual action. As I was alone when making them, I also tried on and used these pieces. It feels pretty silly to wear these “hard-wears”, use them, and explore their purpose. So why not make it even sillier by recording it on camera? The recorded material is the payback for the effort. Therefore, the videos are not representations of the function of the pieces, but a live manner of using pieces in action. Music and accelerated movement are very important. Together they should create a new old space in which the action happens in its own environment on the introverted level of the protagonist as an emotional level of the public. It was interesting to close myself in the studio and install a camera and record myself carrying out some basic and simple kind of work and process. Not only from the artist’s point of view, but also as a common person (a civilian), caught in a sphere of democratic work – rights, suppressed freedom of choice, and the individual need for physical activity. The intention, however, is to produce and use these pointless “hard-wears” to try and experiment with a simple need to create an individual action without any pragmatic or production reasons.

The Wear Project is an attempt to fight against banality with stupidity. Naturally it is unsuccessful, but it is also absolutely necessary in order to remain as human as possible. (Translated by Tamara Soban)

Tomaž Furlan studied sculpture at Academy of Fine Art in Ljubljana. He is predominantly interested in video and performance, but also takes upon any other art technique (installation, photography, artist’s book) in order to convey the message. He is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His durational project Wear was presented on solo and group exhibition in numerous exhibition venues. He was awarded with ISCP award for young artists.