krokodil riba
KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva 40
Festival 7.−9. oktober
Razstava 7.−23. oktober
Odpiralni čas razstave
tor. − sob.: 16.00 do 20.00

Emiljo AC

– Wednesday, October 7 at 21.30

DJ performance

Emiljo AC (SI) is short for Emiljo Albert Cassagrande. While the name might lead you to believe he’s a renaissance scholar, he was actually born only 16 years ago on the banks of river Drava in Slovenia. His story about how he got into making music seems to follow a familiar pattern in electronic music. Everything just unfolded a little earlier than with most. And it started with an unexpected gift… When he was six years old his friend gave him a hip hop album. He listened to it obsessively and soon got hooked on Wu Tang Clan, DJ Premier, Lord Finesse and other pioneering hip hop legends. Things evolved naturally and at the age of 12 he was already making beats of his own, partly drawing inspiration from a fellow Slovenian producer, Gramatik, who was already making big waves around the global electronic music scene. Emiljo’s brand of music was obviously influenced by the early hip hop he grew up on, but he’s not shy about also including contemporary variations of electro hip hop and mix them with those early cut’n’paste techniques. His beats are starting to become more and more intricate as his musical knowledge expands. And besides that, he has another important thing going for him – time is certainly on his side.